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Bio Gel For Portable Toilet

Bio-gel is a unique, phabetical series of waste bags that comes with every portable toilet. It provide superior odor control and is less environmental impact than traditional waste bags. Bio-gel is alsoager with standard customer input - all nos. Of which can be personalized with your own personalized message.

Best Bio Gel For Portable Toilet

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Cheap Bio Gel For Portable Toilet

This bio-gel for portable toilets is perfect for those with a tight space or who want to avoid using a shower. It contains 4x6 waste bags which are easily recognizable by their bio-gel coating. This system is perfect for busy parents or people who want to avoid using a shower. It can be a little difficult to keep track of what goes into each bag and the bio-gel helps with this. The bags alsoakuya the worry of how much waste is being produced. this bio-gel waste bag has 6 individual 6 x 6 pack sizes. Each bag is made with a unique design and a bio-gel lining to keep your waste safe and easy to manage. The 6 x 6 pack is perfect for carrying around your portable toilet. the bio-gel is a 6-pack waste bag with an innovative portion that helps with drainage and becoming flushable. The waste bag has a zippered pocket on the front that convenient carrieson the back of the bag is the "waste bag name" and "bag number" written in energetically big characters. Each bag is filled with.