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Bio Gel For Portable Toilet

Bio-gel is an unique, series of waste bags that comes with every portable toilet, it provide superior odor control and less environmental impact than traditional waste bags. Bio-gel is also ager with standard customer input - all nos, of which can be personalized with your own personalized message.

Cheap Bio Gel For Portable Toilet

This bio-gel For portable toilets is top For enthusiasts with a tight space or who ache to avoid using a shower, it contains 4 x6 waste bags which are easily recognizable by their bio-gel coating. This system is excellent For busy parents or people who desire to avoid using a shower, it can be a little difficult to keep track of what goes into each bag and the bio-gel helps with this. The bags also the worry of how much waste is being produced, this bio-gel waste bag grants 6 individual 6 x 6 pack sizes. Each bag is fabricated with an unique design and a bio-gel lining to keep your waste safe and basic to manage, the 6 x 6 pack is top-notch For carrying around your portable toilet. The bio-gel is an 6-pack waste bag with an innovative portion that helps with drainage and becoming flushable, the waste bag offers a zippered pocket on the front that convenient the back of the bag is the "waste bag name" and "bag number" written in energetically big characters. Each bag is filled with.